MapleLeaf Green is a manufacturer of Kraft paper bags based in Vadodara, Gujarat and exporting to countries like United States, Spain, Canada and Africa. Paper bags manufactured in our factory are suitable to carry food products.

We are branding partners for reputed organization as mentioned below:

  •, Las Beatas, Pinatar Murcia, Spain
  • Hospeco, Cleveland, OH, United States
  • Sanjay Enterprise, Mississauga Ontario, Canada
  • Local Dealers in Nairobi and Uganda, East Africa

Paper bags manufactured at MapleLeaf Green are used for the packing of groceries, bakery items, deep fried food products, prescription drugs and produce.

We source our paper from reputed paper mills and convert it to paper bags under strict observation and dust free environment. 

These paper bags are very handy to use and it has cost advantage against other types of bags, if compared against the number of bags per kgs. and environmental impact. Our machine can process as per following technical specifications:

  • Bottom sealing: V-Bottom, Serrated edge
  • GSM: 30 – 80 
  • Bag length: 140 mm – 450 mm
  • Bag Width: 70 mm – 280 mm
  • Bag Gusset: 0 mm – 100 mm 

Following are the salient features of paper bags:

  • Brown paper, unbleached natural brown
  • Agro based and 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • White Kraft paper
  • Grease proof (4 KIT), Glassine and Wet-Strength (7 KIT)
  • HDPE\Foil Laminated Paper Bags
  • Vegetable Parchment Paper Bags

Paper Type Processed With\Without Printing

  • GSM Supported 35 to 80
  • Brown Kraft Paper (Ribbed\Non-Ribbed)
  • White Kraft Paper
  • Greaseproof (4 KIT), Glassine, Wet-Strength (7 KIT)
  • HDPE\Foil Laminated Paper
  • Vegetable Parchment


  • Packaging of Grocery Items.
  • Fast food items packaging like Burger, French fries, Snack Rolls, & other oily food product, wrapping of meat, fish and cottage cheese.
  • Packaging of frozen food products.
  • Packaging of Agarbatti, Betel nuts, & other oily products.
  • Packaging of Medicines.

Machine Support

  • Bottom sealing: V- Bottom
  • Bag Length: 140 – 450 mm
  • Bag Width: 70-280 mm
  • Bag Gusset: 0-100 mm

Based on our client’s requirement and application, our team of experts can assist in deciding the type of paper, strength and dimensions which can determine the holding capacity of the paper bags. 

Kraft Paper bags manufactured by MapleLeaf Green are also known as:

  • V-bottom paper bags
  • Serrated edge paper bags
  • Sharp bottom paper bags
  • Pinch bottom paper bags